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my week of color codeing

What a color code is


A color code is 5 things that describes who you are for me orange is solving problems, dark pink is understanding people, gray is making things, blue is peace, yellow is arts and crafts.

One of my things was playing jail with Louisa and Elisha and that’s peace & understanding people.

I did Andrew’s around the sun and that’s understanding people and peace.

I made paper whales and that was making things and arts & crafts.

I played ping pong and that was understanding people. You have to focus on the ball and understand what the other person is about to do.

I played with Elisha and that was peace.

I played puppy with Elisha and Louisa and that was understanding people, solving problems, and peace. The problem was that Louisa didn’t want to play so we stopped.

Note from Nancy: Some kids in spawn joined in an activity where they selected some values, or types of activities that were important to them. Then at the end of the day, they looked at their sticky notes and colored them for the category if they thought it applied to one. 


  1. NancyT says:

    Kate, I feel so blessed that I get to spend Spawn Point time with you this year! I have really enjoyed getting to know you. This blog post is so detailed and I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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